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Comparison Chart

Turbo Tax Taxbox Refund H & R Block
Office Open All Year Online All offices Few Offices
Electronically Files
State and Federal
Yes Yes Yes
Self Employed/ Business
Deduction Assistance
Additional Fee Included Additional Fee
Processes Capital Gains
and Cryptocurrency
Additional Fee Included Additional Fee
Current Client Tax Return
Lifetime Guarantee
No Yes No
Upfront Transparency
Yes Yes Yes
Assist with all IRS
Audits and Notices
Additional Fee Included Additional Fee
Meet with a Financial
Associate who can
help you grow your
No Included No
Get a Free Credit
Review and Analysis
No Included Additional Fee
Financial Consultation
to help you earn more
No Included No
Tax Planning for
Following Year
Additional Fee Included Additional Fee
Path to Homeownership
Using Your Tax Refund
No Yes No

We help with IRS Audits and Notices

Every Tax problem has a solution. There is nothing exciting that comes with IRS letters. We have spent years specializing on solving IRS issues because we believe strongly in you enjoying your hard-earned money and Letting a professional help you with the boring stuff. No matter your situation, we’re on your side and ready to help.

Tax Preparation Specialty Areas

We are equipped to service any 1040 or Schedule C tax clients. At Taxbox Refund, we take pride in honing our skills. As result, we specialize is several areas. The difference between us and other tax preparers is we are well versed in taxes, but we take pride in the skills we know very well.


You name we know about it…. Uber, Lyft, Grubhub, Doordash, Saucey, or Amazon. We will tell you how to ensure you are writing off all of the right expenses.


Are you a hairstylist, babysitter, or model or anything else you do on the side? The IRS is increasing their pursuit of shakey Schedule C. We specialize in the preparation of accurate Schedule C, following the IRS requirements. Therefore, you will be able to file your return with peace of mind.


As a student, you may not know all of the tax benefits available to you. Don’t worry, we’re here to help you through the process. Our tax specialists will ensure you receive the maximum refund while you go to school. Super easy!

Why Taxbox Refund?

Maximum Refund

Don’t lose thousands of dollars just because your tax preparer isn’t asking you the right questions. Your job isn’t to know the answers, that’s what we are here for.

Tax Planning Strategies

We help you find ways ahead of tax season to save you more money and get things right.

Start a Busainess

We help you find your passion and make it a reality. We mentor you to greatness.


You are aware of everything on your taxes, upfront pricing and we fight for you.


I have been with Taxbox since they open. I come back each January, one because I want to file early and they are open before any other Tax Office. Two, my tax issues are complicated I work and I am Self-Employed. Chuck happily sits down with me for an hour to go through all of my expenses, count up my receipts. I am so happy with my service.


I recently was divorced and my ex-husband handled all of the financial matters in our household. So I saw the ad on Instagram and decided to call. I had a lot of questions. Chuck was so patient. He answered each one of them, he kept saying ask me more. I felt so welcomed, after I picked up my daughter from Daycare I came in the same day. I am forever grateful I did. Thank You Chuck and all of the staff at Taxbox Refund.


I called to make an appointment and was greeted with a friendly voice. When you come to your appointment you’re welcomed and offered water and snacks. Everyone in the building is professional and friendly. Vanessa helped me and she was so informative! She made sure all my questions were answered. Thank you Taxbox Refund!

Evelyn Remon

I actually enjoyed filing my taxes! They were super easy and super fast. The women who helped me was professional and very nice. She was genuine and I could tell she wanted me to get the best refund possible! Answered all of my questions and concerns. I am satisfied and will be filing with them again next year.

Desiree Scott